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Malte Kaspereit co-authored a paper with Hoang Nguyen (now at Northumbria University, Newcastle/UK) and Tuomo Sainio (LUT - Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology, Finland) that covers an experimental-theoretical study on the production of oligosaccharides from natural sources. It is shown that...

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The 3rd edition of the book "Preparative Chromatography" has just been published by Wiley. Like for the previous editions, Malte Kaspereit contributed to some chapters. The book is one of the rare comprehensive works in the fast-changing of applied industrial chromatography.

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Johannes Schmölder and Malte Kaspereit published a paper on the software tool CADET-Process developed in our group. The open-source tool is a versatile framework for the systematic development of preparative chromatographic separations, and greatly simplifies modelling, simulation, and optimization ...