Membrane-based separations

Membrane-based separations

The Advanced Separation Processes group investigates membrane processes both for separation purposes as well as in the frame of reaction-separation processes for optimal synthesis and integrated production of base chemicals and fine chemicals, as well as for biotechnological downstream processing.

The techniques covered in the ASP group include

  • Gas and vapor permeation by inorganic and organic membranes,
  • Ultrafiltration (e.g., in bioseparations),
  • Nanofiltration (e.g., for fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals),
  • Reverse osmosis (e.g., for water treatment and desalination),
  • Electrodialysis (e.g., for separation and synthesis of fine chemicals).

Special expertise is being held in the synthesis and characterization of new inorganic membranes based on, for example, ZIFs (zeolitic imidazolate frameworks). We also developed different polymeric membranes, including MMMs (mixed-matrix membranes). In this context also significant experience and access exists regarding various characterization techniques like gas permeation at elevated pressures and temperatures, permporosimetry, Hg porosimetry, adsorption, N2 sorption, electron microscopy, TEM, etc.