Talk and poster at ECCE/ECAB in Berlin

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Johannes Wieczorek presented our work on the chromatographic isolation of single homologs of polyethylene glycol (PEG) at the 14th European Congress of Chemical Engineering and 7th European Congress of Applied Biotechnology (ECCE/ECAB) held in September 2023 in Berlin/Germany. In his presentation, entitled Preparative Processes for the Isolation of Pure PEG Homologs by Reversed-Phase Chromatography (co-authored by Malvina Supper, Jan Domagala, and Malte Kaspereit), he illustrated the whole development chain, starting at detailed thermodynamic analysis of this reversed-phase separation at analytical-scale, over proof-of-concept separations by preparative gradient chromatography, to the model-based development of improved preparative operating modes.

The results are of large interest for the further development of efficient separation processes for polydisperse systems as found in the production of polymers as well as nanoparticles.

Furthermore, we presented a poster Isolation and Purification of Atomically Precise Gold Nanoclusters by Alternate Pumping Chromatography (authors: Malvina Supper, Johannes Wieczorek, Virginia Birner, Maike Moritzen, Malte Kaspereit), where we presented our progress on this problem, especially regarding further optmized process performance.

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