Introducing: Atomically Precise Gold Nanoclusters by Alternate Pumping Chromatography

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We are pleased to announce our new open access work on using chromatography for producing highly defined nanomaterials. Specifically, we developed a special operating mode, alternate pumping, for obtaining small, atomically precise glutathione-stabilized gold nanoclusters at high purity from synthesized mixtures. By utilization of anion exchange chromatography as developed by our partners at LFG, the work demonstrates the capability of alternate pumping chromatography to isolate a single cluster with 10 gold atoms (Au10), or two different larger clusters simultaneously (Au25 and Au29). Additionally, we successfully enriched trace amounts of Au18 and proposed a simple design procedure for utilizing columns with different retention behaviors. Discover the potential of preparative chromatography for the production of such high-quality nanoparticulate products that provide transformative possibilities in catalysis, sensing, and biomedicine. Access the full paper now:

Malvina Supper, Virignia Birner, Lukas Gromotka, Wolfgang Peukert, Malte Kaspereit:
Isolation and Purification of Single Gold Nanoclusters by Alternate Pumping Chromatography
Separations 10 (2023) 214.
ISSN: 2297-8739
DOI: 10.3390/separations10030214

The work was supported by DFG through the Collaborative Research Centre CRC 1411.