CADET-Process: A framework for modelling and simulation of chromatographic processes

Schematic principle of CADET-Process.CADET-Process is a versatile framework for the systematic development of preparative chromatographic separations. The tool greatly simplifies modelling, simulation, and optimization of chromatographic processes. It is suitable not only for conventional single-column chromatography, but also for advanced concepts (e.g. processes with recycling chromatography, side streams, bypasses, multiple columns, and complete chromatographic flowsheets). The software utilizes the powerful open-source chromatography simulator CADET. It may be adapted to other simulation software and optimizers.

The Python-based platform was developed in the group of Prof. Malte Kaspereit by Johannes Schmölder, M.Sc., as part of his PhD project. An introduction and detailed discussion of the tool is available in the open acess publication below.

Just like CADET, also CADET-Process is open source and freely available to academia and industry. The software can be obtained along with a documentation and examples from GitHub.


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