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We just installed a new powerful online detection system for our chromatography units. The system combines multi angle light scattering (MALS), dynamic light scattering (DLS), and refractive index detectors. It strongly enlarges our capabilities in developing chromatographic separations for size-dis...

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The 3rd edition of the book "Preparative Chromatography" has just been published by Wiley. Like for the previous editions, Malte Kaspereit contributed to some chapters. The book is one of the rare comprehensive works in the fast-changing of applied industrial chromatography.

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We are happy to welcome Malvina Supper, M.Sc., as new PhD student in our group! Ms Supper studied Life Science Engineering at FAU, and now performs research on chromatographic separation of nanoparticles in the frame of the CRC 1411 (SFB 1411).

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On February, 2nd, Benjamin Reif, M.Sc., defended very successfully his PhD thesis. His research, performed under supervision of Prof. Wilhelm Schwieger at the Institute for Chemical and Reaction Engineering (CRT), is devoted to the development of new synthesis routes for zeolitic imidazolate framewo...

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Johannes Schmölder and Malte Kaspereit published a paper on the software tool CADET-Process developed in our group. The open-source tool is a versatile framework for the systematic development of preparative chromatographic separations, and greatly simplifies modelling, simulation, and optimization ...