Paper by Jana Dienstbier et al. on optimization of chromatographic processes

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Jana Dienstbier published her work on optimization of preparative chromatographic processes in Computers & Chemical Engineering. Her paper presents a clever and efficient new approach that allows for very fast global optimization of conventional and recycling-based chromatographic processes using economically motivated goal functions. The work originates from our collaboration with the group of Prof. Frauke Liers, Professor for Applied Mathematics, who has strong expertise in the area of Integer and Robust Optimization. The fruitful collaboration is currently extended within the frame of the DFG-funded collaborative research project CRC 1411.

J. Dienstbier, J. Schmölder, R. Burlacu, F. Liers, and M. Kaspereit:
Global optimization of batch and steady-state recycling chromatography based on the equilibrium model, Computers & Chemical Engineering 135 (2020) 106687.
DOI: 10.1016/j.compchemeng.2019.106687