Interdisciplinary graduate course: catalysis and interface science & technology (part 1)



Time and place

Organisation Prof. J. Libuda, Prof. A. Görling, Prof. M. Hartmann; weitere Informationen: Homepage ICICP/ECRC

Audience: assistants, PhD students, Diploma students, interested advanced students

Requirements: basic knowledge of surface science and fundamental methods

Contact: Prof. J. Libuda, Prof. A. Görling, Prof. M. Hartmann
Further information: Website ECRC and Website ICICP


This interdisciplinary course aims at graduate students to enhance their knowledge of fundamental techniques used in surface science and the results obtained with these methods. This includes both experimental and theoretical methods. The lecture should bring together students from different disciplines, all focusing on surface science in general. The course will extend over both the winter and the summer term. Contents could be the subject of PhD exams.

Additional information